3D Modeling and texturing


"Thought" initially started as a short movie concept, but due to hardware limitations it remained an environment study of a fictional place.

On this project, I firstly used 3Ds Max 2016  for asset modeling and UVW mapping. After that, I used xNormals software for baking all the required maps in order to proceed further with the texturing process. Quixel Suite was the primary software used for creating all the textures, followed by some more adjustments in Photoshop. After finishing all the assets, I decided to use Unreal Engine 4 for adding all the small parts together and finally illustrating my project. 

Below you can see a few renders and side-by-side light and texture layer representations as well. I consider that this project was indeed an exciting challenge for me, with lots to learn and lots to put to practice and really helped me a lot in establishing my style and workflow. 

               FINAL RENDER                                 lighting only                               TEXTURE ONLY

uvw mapping


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